Tips To Save At Home While On Vacation And Leave Your Appliances Ready

Summer is coming, and many of us go on vacation, leaving our house empty for a few days. It is inevitable to leave some appliances such as the refrigerator or freezer connected to the electric current, but there are many other small details that we do not usually do, and that would allow us to save a good amount of energy, in addition to its cost on the bill.

We review some of the effective tricks with which we will go on vacation knowing that our house is not wasting unnecessary energy while we are not.

Turn off the water heater

If we are not going to be at home, the only thing that the heater will be on for will be to collect dust … Or to damage it. Whether electric or gas, it is important to either disconnect it or close the gas tap to avoid inconvenience and uncomfortable breakdowns on our return.

Disconnect everything except the essentials

The electronic devices in stand-by and any device connected to an outlet are spending more energy than we think, so it is a very good idea to disconnect everything except the appliances on truly fundamental vacations. It is a good time for devices that we never disconnect from the light such as normally the router or mobile and computer chargers rest and stop ballasting our electricity bill.

In addition, we will avoid the dreaded power surges that could melt our devices, perhaps the most important reason that will push us to disconnect them.

Check the electrical panel

Essential when you are going to be away for a long time. The limiter that incorporates will make the leads jump if there are anomalies or excess voltage, something essential to prevent possible accidents with the electric current. Before leaving the house, its verification is mandatory.

Organize leftover food

It usually happens to us that many foods we have at home will no longer be in good condition when we return. To avoid throwing food in the trash, we can deliver the food that we have leftover to neighbours or relatives, and that will not cause bad smells or the discomfort caused by food in poor condition.

In this way, we will free up apace in the refrigerator and freezer that will allow better optimization of the energy inside and the best conservation of the food that will be kept in the appliances while we are on vacation.

Close the stopcocks

We have already commented on the importance of ensuring the closing of the gas tap, but it is equally important to do the same with that of water. No one would like to find the house flooded because they left an open tap or other similar circumstance. In addition, this way we will avoid the constant dripping that occurs in many faucets and that throughout the year implies a waste of many litres of water.


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