People who are trying to develop professional or personal websites will often research new opportunities for web hosting. The web hosting service that an organization chooses can make all the difference in the outcome of a project. People that are choosing between different web hosting services will have to take the expenses, the amount of bandwidth offered, and many other factors into account before they finally make their decisions. The debate about Dreamhost vs Bluehost has come up frequently, and both web hosting services certainly have their merits.

bluehost vs dreamhost comparison


With Bluehost, customers will end up paying 9.99 dollars monthly, although they will have to make advance payments of 119.88 dollars when they get started. However, the set-up itself is free, which already eliminates one set of expenses when it comes to web hosting. When it comes to their domain, customers will also get an entire year free.

The first year of setting up any website is going to be shaky. Some prospective web owners back out of the process, while others move on and try new things. Being able to minimize the initial expenses is a great opportunity. The fact that customers will have to make advance payments in the first place already means that they will need a certain level of confidence when it comes to their projects. They get some leeway when it comes to Bluehost.

The 24/7 live phone/chat service that Bluehost customers can receive is free through Bluehost. As such, they won’t have to expend any additional resources in order to receive assistance. The Bandwidth that customers can receive through Bluehost is unlimited, so they should be getting what they’ve paid for in that respect. There are unlimited domains, parked domains, sub-domains, and add-on domains allowed for Bluehost users. Bluehost (which is by the Endurance International group) is without a doubt a good web hosting service, and it’s understandable that it has become such a formidable name in the web hosting industry.


The annual payments for Dreamhost are almost the same as the annual payments for Bluehost. Dreamhost costs 119.40 dollars per year, although its lowest advanced price is slightly higher than Bluehost’s lowest advanced price. In contrast to Bluehost, Dreamhost does have some setup costs attached. Customers will have to pay 49.95 dollars for the cost of the set-up, which does add something substantial to the overall cost of the web hosting project. When it comes to thebluehost vs dreamhost debate, some people would say that Bluehost automatically wins given the relative expenses associated with both categories.

People that are interested in getting assistance via the 24/7 live phone/chat will need to pay 9.95 dollars every month for it when they use Dreamhost, which is a substantial difference between Dreamhost and Bluehost. People that estimate that they’re going to need a lot of assistance in the process of establishing themselves may want to choose Bluehost instead of Dreamhost. However, the 24/7 live phone/chat service may not be as important to some users, so the importance of this factor is going to vary. This situation is an illustration of the fact that the Bluehost vs Dreamhost debate will not be resolved in the same way for everyone.

However, the issue becomes more complicated when other factors are brought to the table. Customers get one year free with Bluehost, but the domain is consistently free with Dreamhost. Dreamhost offers just as many unlimited domains as Bluehost, including unlimited parked domains, sub-domains, and add-on domains. Dreamhost has a lot to offer enterprising web users.


Ultimately, there are no simple answers to the Bluehost vs Dreamhost debate. Bluehost and Dreamhost are both high-quality services. The decision would be simple if there was a tremendous discrepancy in terms of quality, price, or any other factor. Dreamhost will probably end up being more expensive for most users than Bluehost, but the price discrepancy is not major. They both offer a lot of flexibility in terms of domains, which should make all the difference for a lot of users.

Users that are very concerned about minimizing costs as much as possible should choose Bluehost. Users that want more access to live assistance should also choose Bluehost. However, Dreamhost is also a good option for a lot of users, which is one reason this debate exists in the first place. And, if you are looking for a comparison between Hostgator and Bluehost then click here.

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