Tornado Shelters For Families In Oklahoma

Oklahoma tornado season is just around the corner. For those of us living along its path tornado shelters and storm shelters are available for us in Oklahoma City and Tulsa and the rest of Oklahoma but the question is, how well prepared for it are we?

You would not want to be caught poorly prepared when the tornado finally arrives. But the truth of the matter is so many people will not be ready because of hesitating to invest in the safety of their homes. With the destruction seen on May 20, 2013, in the Moore Oklahoma Tornado where 24 people were killed and 1150 homes destroyed, it is crucial that you prepare yourself for the coming tornado. The best way to prepare for the next season is by investing in underground tornado shelters. Those who hesitate to invest in tornado shelters question their legitimacy. Their concerns are mostly about the versatility, difficulty, need, value, and the overall soundness of these shelters. This article will let you know about some reasons why a storm shelter in OKC are vital.

Here are the reasons why storm shelters in Oklahoma and other adjacent states are a necessity at your home:

1. It will save your life

The most important thing to you is not your home but your life. You can replace destroyed property, but you cannot regain your lost life. Most houses we live in cannot withstand 210 mph winds such as the ones witnessed during the May 20, 2013, tornado. They simply will be torn apart by the storm. If you are still inside your house and such a storm passes by, chances of you escaping with your life, let alone with minimal injuries are very slim. But with an underground tornado shelter, the storm will pass above you while you remain underground safe and sound. Most of the fatalities and injuries caused by the Moore tornado have been linked to the fact that very few homes and schools in the area had storm shelters. Therefore, as we wait for the next tornado, ensure that you build a storm shelter for you and your loved ones.

2. It increases the value of your home

In case you are planning to sell your home, a tornado shelter will increase its value. The main reason why this shelter will increase your home’s value is that it reduces risk in case of a storm. Therefore, the value of your home when selling it will increase by between $1,000 and $2,000. This is another reason why building storm shelters in Oklahoma City and other adjacent areas is a good idea.

3. Does not take up match space

Most people complain that they do not have enough space to build a storm shelter. Well, this may be true if you plan on building the shelter above ground, but it is no excuse when it comes to underground ones. Because underground shelters are built below the ground, they do not take up any usable space. Even if you do not have a backyard, you can construct it under your garage or any other room or space in your house.

Tornadoes kill dozens of people, injure and maim hundreds more, and destroy thousands of homes. As the tornado season approaches, all residents should not be caught unprepared by building storm shelter in Tulsa and other adjacent areas.